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Hey Wevolver!

Firstly, welcome to what I think will be your new favorite corner of the internet!


I'm Brittany, the natural healing founder of Wevolve and I am here to proudly present you with The Wevolve Tribe, which is (without bias of course!), the very best and most comprehensive health education platform available!


I essentially specialize in helping you biohack and optimize your mind, body and soul's healing journey while providing you with all of the information you need to finally conquer your health!

With over a decade of expertise in chronic disease reversal and having successfully supported thousands of people in realizing and achieving their health & wellness goals, I welcome you warmly to Wevolve!


Healing is an evolution and it is a continual process of learning, implementing, growing, mastering and thriving! And we’ve seen first-hand that this evolution simply cannot happen successfully when we are feeling alone, confused, fearful, doubtful, disconnected or dis-empowered.

I've worked hard to provide you with all of the information you need to take complete control of your body, mind and spirit so you can finally achieve the level of health and vitality that you deserve!

If this sounds like music to your ears, click below and join The Wevolve Community to get started! Your health is waiting for you!

Brittany Auerbach

All The Tools You Will Ever Need To Build And Maintain a Healthy, Happy Body









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about whatever you want and share information about healing journeys with other members

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and advice from those who’ve already completely healed themselves of supposedly “incurable” health conditions

Stop Worrying

about anyone looking over your shoulder, telling you what you can and cannot say online

Watch All My BANNED Videos

of censored health topics (including step-by-step natural health protocols) that big tech and Big Pharma doesn’t want us knowing about or discussing

Become part of a community

That believes in natural health solutions as a viable alternative to more invasive procedures… And get real answers based on centuries of human wisdom

Discover Truths

about Coronavirus and other hot, controversial health topics without government interference or big tech censorship

Reclaim Your Right

to crowdsource the search for hands-on practical knowledge (this is the internet as it was intended to be, free and accessible to everyone)

Decode The Human Body

and restore the ancient remedies our society has somehow lost… Find out why modern humans are afflicted with so many unnatural health conditions that our ancestors didn’t worry about

Lift The Veil Of Secrecy

and get real updates and feedback from others implementing holistic health protocols and lifestyle changes into their own life and reporting back with real-time progress

Have Discussions

about how to heal yourself without resorting to organ removal, pumping yourself full of toxic drugs, and other so-called treatments with potentially disastrous consequences

Cut Through The Confusion

to get straight, to-the-point, easy-to-follow answers on virtually any health question… All aligned with Wevolve's natural health philosophy

Save A Ton Of Stress

time, and money by avoiding the wild goose chases down the internet’s many rabbit holes…


Module 1

Importance of Hydration 

Module 2

Mastering Your Kitchen

Module 3

Eliminating Poisons from your Environment

Module 4

Mastering Your Deficiencies 

Module 5

Mastering Detoxification 

Module 6

Mastering Digestion

Module 7

Mastering your Emotions

Module 8

How to Master Your Energy

Module 9

The Power Of Community for Healing

Module 10

Implementing the Conquer Your Health Challenge

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I look and feel better than I did at 25 and after a little dedication and time I no longer have IBS or Psoriasis! Thank you so much for what you do!


Carol F.

Join Now To Access The “30-Day Conquer Your Health” Course

The 30-Day Conquer Your Health Course is a step‑by‑step guide to completely transforming every aspect of your health and life, no matter where you’re at right now.

I’m a big believer this one program fits all different health challenges that exist. And it's FREE to members! When people dive in and apply this foundational information first, they begin to realize they actually can heal themselves just by making wiser, more informed lifestyle decisions. 

Combine it with a specific healing program we sell in the shop or a specific health video protocol in the membership and you’ll be amazed at what can happen!

For example, many of the people on this platform or following me on social media are struggling with or rebounding from very serious chronic diseases. They’ve tried a million different protocols from every healer, medical professional, and otherwise around the globe. And have come here because they don't know where to go next.  

So this course is here to point out every little minutiae about health and healing that the average person doesn't think about. Most of us have no idea what we’re missing… And it all counts! These small seemingly minute changes can have a profound effect on overall health…

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You have no idea how much you have helped me! Your videos and talking with you saved me from what would have been years of frequency, urgency, and medications. I am no longer on Elmiron, or anti-depressants and am now IC-free. I can even eat citrus and drink alcohol without any symptoms at all! I hope that one day we get to meet so I can give you the biggest hug and tell you to your face how grateful I am that you exist. 


Donna H.

Get Instant Access To All My BANNED Videos About Natural Health [EXCLUSIVE!]

They’ve done everything they can to vilify me and keep this information out of your hands.

But when you join the Wevolve Membership, you’ll get instant access to every single video they forced me to take down from the “Montreal Healthy Girl YouTube” channel

PLUS over 150+ NEW Videos that have NEVER been posted on YOUTUBE, and new ones come out every Wednesday! 

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I cured my bladder infection following your the UTI protocol you sent me and have never had one since thanks to your healing and delicious alkaline meal plan in your Fully Healed ebook! I am obsessed with the vegan shepherd's pie and tahini salad dressing. Keep being you girl, you are changing people's lives!


Kim T.

With All My BANNED Natural Disease Protocols & Remedies [EXCLUSIVE!]

These are my step-by-step healing protocols. 

Again, these videos are exclusive and no longer on YouTube or anywhere else. I do still have some videos on YouTube, but only on general topics, not disease-based information.

Inside your membership you’ll find detailed videos on:



Your Wevolve Membership Also Includes:

COVID Protocol Download

My ultimate (downloadable) ‘antiviral’ guide revealing the truth about COVID. Take a deep breath, you’re not alone! In this guide we talk about coronavirus facts they don’t want us to know about like how viruses don’t actually exist and are just a natural healing response from the body when being poisoned, the real reason everyone is getting sick worldwide and why boosting immunity and healing your microbiome is the real solution. Plus, exactly what community members are doing to successfully prevent and treat ‘COVID & COVID Long-haul symptoms!

New Weekly Video Drops

(My favorite part of the platform!)

I post a new video here every Wednesday, where I answer member questions. So you’ll find a ton of content in there already, and it’s constantly updated. In this section I cover the most common health questions from members going through the healing journey. I also discuss random health topics such as my thoughts on abortion, congested lungs after COVID second degree, burn stage four, breast cancer, stem cell cures, and more

The Resource Vault 

Our community library, where I keep eBooks and detox protocols available for every member of the community. All of these products are downloadable, so you can keep them on your computer or phone even if you cancel your membership at a later date. Resources you'll find inside the vault include:

  • Chemtrails Protection Protocol
  • COVID Vaccine Shedding Protection & Detox Protocol
  • Fully Fermented! (Ultimate Gut Re-culturing eBook)
  • Fully Nourished! (Healing Recipe eBook, 53+ Recipes)
  • 7 Day Smoothie Detox Plan
  • 3 Day Candida Cleanser Program
  • Alkaline Food List
  • Junk Food Hacks To Transform Your Health
  • Food Combining Chart
  • Global Resources Index

Global Resource Index

In this document you’ll find links to supplements and other products and resources I recommend online like the specific iodine source I trust, the best juicers, the best blenders, supplements, and more. These are all the products that I personally keep in my house, and I don't have affiliate links in here, so they are completely unbiased recommendations. In the Global Resource Index you’ll basically find everything I didn't have when I was sick and later discovered I needed. 

Private Facebook Group

As a Wevolve member, you’ll also get instant access to our Facebook group, where you can interact with members, share information, ask questions, and seek out experts about a range of health topics. We have a full-time holistic nutritionist inside answering questions too, and I pop in there as often as I can to answer questions. I get a lot of inspiration for new videos in this group, and it’s also a great place for you to get updates, weekly video content and any info about upcoming events.

Discounts On Professional Services!

Not only do members get access to all the information I’ve already laid out, but if you actually want to talk to someone one‑on‑one, we have an entire team of people to help with spiritual transformation, emotional support, success mentorship, nutrition consulting, and more. When you join the Wevolve Tribe, you can book our consultants at up to 40% OFF of their regular fees. 

Discounted Services Include:

  • Body Code Session
  • Emotional-Spiritual Transformation Coaching
  • Emotional Counselling
  • Success Mentorship for Spiritual Evolution 
  • Nutrition Support Session

You Might Be Wondering How I Can Possibly Cover “Every Health Condition Under The Sun”… 


Here’s what I believe after working with thousands of people:

In my experience it is very easy to reverse disease when you understand the foundational needs of the human body and the ways that natural human systems break down. Modern medicine focuses on the removal of an organ or the treating of symptoms, which is great if you want to stay sick and be on meds forever… 

(Some people don’t want to change their life due to psychological or spiritual hangups. That’s fine.)

But if you want to actually get healthy, what Wevolve will teach you is that many people are sick simply because they don't understand the basic principles of health. Or have forgotten the health wisdom our ancestors knew about…

Every single human on earth has physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that lead to wellness. 

And often if you have disease, it's not about the disease. It's about giving the body everything it needs to heal the imbalances within. This is why we often manifest the same illnesses so differently from person to person. It’s more about that person’s specific imbalance!

In medical school, they learn pharmacology. Not health. 

But in these banned videos I explain what every disease is, how it happens, the root cause of diseases, why each of these things matters, and what it does in your body. It’s not a miracle cure. It’s about empowering you! And teaching you how to bio-hack your body. 

Because I truly believe there's no reason any person on earth should still be sick if they understand these things!


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  • And SO much more!

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No Long Term Commitments, Cancel Whenever You Want AND We Have A Full 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. Thats' How Strongly We Believe In Our Product. You Will LOVE It!


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Listen, You Don’t Have To Walk This Journey Alone Anymore!


I’m a firm believer in the astounding healing power you’ll find in the video content and natural health protocols alone. I fully stand behind it…HOWEVER

…I can’t make promises about your personal health situation.

(Not to mention your progress often depends most on what you’re willing to put into it.)

But what I can promise you is that when you become a member of Wevolve, you won’t have to walk the journey to better health alone anymore!

My ultimate goal is for you to outgrow us. But the first step is moving out of the old paradigm of poisoning and removing organs in a quest to “heal”...

…And instead help the body heal itself by moving into high‑level health… To create a thriving high‑level life. As a part of community of people shaking off the paradigms of a broken society to evolve together. And learn exactly what’s working for thousands of others…

Inside we also talk about a lot of things that aren't just health related. It’s also about educating ourselves, learning and aligning with truth, healing ourselves, and becoming independent of the systems that are not leading to our wellbeing.

Simply put…you’ll finally learn what you need to thrive and fully reclaim you health!

I hope to see you inside. And excited for your transformation!






At Wevolve, we value honesty and transparency above all! This means, on this platform, you will only find information that is 100% aligned with our vision of natural health and personal development.

All the content on Wevolve, the Montreal Healthy Girl YouTube channel, the Wevolve Brighteon channel, the Wevolve Bitchute channel and all other Wevolve social media is created for informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or to help you decide which treatment options are best and safest for you