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Hi! My name is Brittany and I am a certified Naturopath, passionate Health Coach and Expert in Alternative Healing who for years has had the honour of assisting people all over the world in reclaiming their health!

A nearly 4 year personal battle with Interstitial Cystitis, IBS, Acne, Thyroid disease, Cardiac Arrhythmia and so much more, forced me to make a radical change in my life. I eventually healed my body and knew that I wanted to share all that I had learned, which inspired the birth of the Montreal Healthy Girl YouTube channel! 

The overcoming of my health obstacles inspired me to jump in and pursue a career in the alternative health field, working directly with clients and creating several highly subscribed e-books (available in shop); all in the hopes of sharing accessible, convenient and affordable healthy alternatives and natural healing information with the world!

I have seen first hand, through my years of working one-on-one with my clients and in the creation of their unique and customized healing programs, that disease can be fully healed and ultimate health can be achieved by properly supporting and encouraging the body’s own natural self-healing ability. 

This all led me to connect to so many passionate people and to eventually meet a very special soul, my beautiful friend, Laurence!

Though our work together, Laurence has both overcome and conquered her own traumatic health struggles and has since been inspiring others to take control of their health and happiness. 

Together we built the Wevolve platform, an education-sharing community of health lovers who want to learn, live and thrive together! 

My goal is simple – to end the countless hours spent frantically searching online for health answers and replace it with one knowledge platform that clearly explains what is going on, how it affects you, and your ideal next steps. I've spent the time obsessively researching and working with thousands of clients first hand, so that you can now benefit and gain the essential skills you need to finally transform your life.

In short, and with a unique, but ancient approach to healing, an unwavering  faith in the healing power of the human body, the unparalleled joy I feel in helping others and the immense love of all things natural, I happily invite you to share in the wealth of knowledge I am just bursting to bring to you! 

I truly hope you enjoy our content as much as I love creating it for you!

Welcome to Wevolve! I wish you the fastest and most transformational healing journey possible!




A Wevolver is passionate, inquisitive health conscious human looking to master their health, mindset and life, to live in abundance and become the best version of themselves.


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Providing safe and effective health content for everyone

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Self-empowerment by making the decision to educate and inform yourself, build your knowledge and ultimately gain the power to realize your health and wellness goals
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