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Body Code Session

$175 USD

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Many of us don’t realize that every stressful moment we have had, every negative emotion we’ve felt, every traumatic injury you have experienced is stored in some part of your body and cells.

A Body Code session can help to release the stored trauma patterns trapped in your body by your past life experiences.

This frees your energy field, body, heart, mind and soul so that you can finally achieve the health, happiness and success you’ve always dreamed of!

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Dance of Embodiment

$30 USD

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Come join our complete meditative dance ceremony where you can join other beautiful soul’s from around the world in releasing deep chakra blockages, removing toxic energies from your body as well as re-balancing your mind and nervous system!

Let go of judgement, of the need to control everything, and feel how freeing it can be to simply honor your body and move authentically to incredible music, in exactly the way your body needs in each moment.

*Women Only*

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Spiritual Transformation Counselling

$100 USD

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Are you looking for guided support and deep therapeutic healing of past traumas and inner wounds? Have you been searching for a trained professional you can confide in who will understand everything you’re going through and actively work to help get you past it?

You have found the right person! Even a single session with Elena can be life-changingly transformational not only for modifying your belief patterns but for re-shaping your perspective to one that can finally serve and nourish your highest good!

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Ask Mumsy Session

$120 USD

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Are you looking to find someone you can truly trust with every ounce of who you are? Someone knowledgeable, helpful, loving and supportive to whom you can divulge your deepest and most difficult secrets and struggles?

Do you want someone who can listen to you vent with an open and receptive heart, and hold the space for all of your emotions without any judgement?

Come ‘Ask Mumsy’ anything you like, and share with her what's going on with you. Jennifer is filled with infinite amounts of knowledge on so many topics!

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Success Mentorship

$220 USD

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The self-evolution journey is an interesting one… at times hard and painful but very rewarding and fulfilling (hard to believe but it is!). It requires you to let go if all the stories, beliefs and habits and even people that no longer serves you.

While working together I will walk you through a process to bring peace with what was and create what will be.

I offer support, guidance and a safe space for you to make peace. Release the anger, resentment, frustration, confusion, overwhelm, and stop justifying the “why” so you can evolve into who you truly are.

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Nutritional Empowerment

$135 USD

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Be empowered to be your healthiest and happiest you! Learn how powerful food can be in changing your life and how to navigate the confusing array of conflicting health information so you can make the best choices for yourself and those you love.

Tiffany is a Holistic Nutritionist, entrepreneur, researcher and health educator who has devoted the last 8 years to empowering others in their journey to feeling and looking better and owning their body sovereignty through increased access and understanding of the systems that shape our body function, food choices and food supply structures.

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